13 Types of Clamps – Which One is Right For You?

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types of clamps

Clamps are used to hold down different pieces when working on projects. There are different types of clamps for various purposes. When working on a high-precision project, you will need an additional clamp from working on a general carpentry project. It would be best if you found a suitable clamp. Keep in mind that your tool selection will determine the results.

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What are the different types of clamps?

Here are some of the common types of clamps that you need to know before making a purchase:

G or C clamp 

This is one of the commonest clamps. You will never miss a G or C clamp in any workshop. It is a versatile variety that is widely used, and as a result, it is the only thing that comes to most people’s minds when talking about clamps

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You can use the G clamp to either hold down two different pieces or hold them together. The jaw opening is highly adjustable and ranges between one to more than eight inches. You can also use this clamp on irregular surfaces thanks to the swivel head of the screw section. 


Handscrew clamp 

The hand-screw clamp is also known as the toolmaker’s clamp. It is mainly used when working on metal projects. You can also use it when repairing the furniture, thanks to the adjustable jaws that can easily hold several materials in place and at different angles. This type of clamp is pretty durable, thanks to the premium construction.

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Sash clamp 

The sash clamp is not used for regular projects. It is mainly used when working on large projects that involve table tops, doors, cabinets, and sash windows. However, keep in mind that you will need more than one for a firm grip.

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It is also unique. Instead of the standard clamp model, you will get a heavy and long flat bar with a fixed jaw. Apart from the common jaw, this clamp has a sliding jaw that can be moved and locked to bring the materials together. You can use this clamp if you need the glue to dry tight.

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Pipe clamp

This is also known as the gluing clamp. It is similar to the sash clamp, just that it has a round shaft instead of a flat bar. You can easily lengthen the clamp by adding more tubes to it. As a result, most people prefer this type since it is easy to use and all-rounded.

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Keep in mind that the pipe clamp is not cheap. However, once you obtain it, you will not spend much on maintenance. You can easily adjust the jaw of the clamp to accommodate different surfaces and items. You only need to place what you are working on against the jaw and then tighten the clamp.

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Bench clamp 

The bench clamp is unique. It is mainly used to hold items to a bench, which forms the fixed jaw of the clamp. This type of clamp is best suited for any carpentry or welding project. You will get the right one depending on what you want. It is not as expensive as the other types of clamps.

Spring clamp 

The spring clamp is pretty versatile. It comes in different sizes and can be used for woodworking, beading, or jewelry projects. You will notice PVC covers on the handle and tip which prevents your skin from any injury.

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Once the PVC clips on the tips are removed, you will use the clips for soldering. You can use this type of clamp for projects that require you to hold items tightly, thanks to the tension spring.

Web clamp 

It would be best to work on frames effectively if you had a web clamp, but this is not your average clamp. It comes with nylon bands that wrap around different items, tightening them using a rachet. The nylon, in this case, prevents the thing from damage.

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You can choose to use this clamp with corner gripping pieces to distribute the pressure without damaging the product evenly.

Quick grip clamp

If you would like to grip objects using only one hand, this is a suitable clamp for you. With this, you can quickly and easily grasp, and you will enjoy adjustable pressure, meaning that you can use this for different projects and applications. The jaws in this clamp do not squarely close, making it primarily applicable to thinner materials instead of the thicker ones.

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Power clamp 

This is a suitable clamp in case you are working on a big project. Power clamps are different from the standard ones since they rely on electricity or an energy source for proper functioning. They are pretty powerful, despite their small size, and are easier to use.

Trigger clamp 

You have to use a trigger to adjust the head and claws of this clamp. As a result, it is usually operated with only one hand, making it highly convenient. You can either use this clamp in your workshop or garden, depending on your intended usage.

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Screw clamp 

The screw clamp is in one way or the other similar to the power clamp. They are strong and highly stable but have a different operation method. Instead of opening and closing swiftly, you will find a thread and a handle that you should screw. The thread makes the clamping process faster, saving you time and effort.

Speed clamp

The speed clamp is one of the most straightforward clamps. It is a long metal bar that is serrated with an adjustable head. It also has a simple working mechanism. As you clamp an object, the serrations will lock, securing the sliding head to avoid unnecessary slippage.

Flooring clamp 

Lastly, we have the flooring clamp, which is used for floor installations. They hold the tongue and groove board together during nailing. When used right, you can clamp up to ten boards instantly, provided that you use other flooring clamps. 

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Types of clamps conclusion 

Clamps play only one important function-holding pieces down or together during different projects. These are some of the most common ones used in small workshops and around the home. Although there appear to be many choices, it’s impossible to buy one clamp for every task you have. The great news is they are not that expensive, and you won’t break the bank buying different ones. That being said, you may not need to purchase more than one type. It will depend on the job you have. We hope you have found these types of clamps valuable.

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