5 Best Spray Paints for Graffiti Artists | Reviews & Top Picks

Graffiti artists are some of the most talented visual artists out there. If you’re a graffiti artist, or if you plan to use spray paints for your next project, this is an article you need to read. From graffiti to fine art, these are the top five spray paints for graffiti artists.

Spray Paints for Graffiti Artists

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There are few mediums for art that have as much versatility and durability as graffiti. Spray paint is a go-to tool for many artists who want to create their work on the side of a building or other surface. 

Graffiti artists all around the world love spray paint. It’s the best tool to use for tagging a surface, and there are many different types of spray paint available. 

There are so many different brands of spray paints on the market, and most of them are not worth your money. Some of these paints don’t even have enough pigment in them to show up on a surface!

To find the best spray paints, it’s essential to consider factors such as weather, desired color, and type of surface you plan on painting. We’ve compiled our list, which we believe will serve any artist well based on all three criteria: 

  • weather resistance (UV protection)
  • coverage (how large you can cover an area with one canister)
  • color selection (a wide range). 

These five spray paints all offer excellent coverage and durability. They’re perfect for any artist who wants their work to stand out without fading or chipping away over time.

What is graffiti, and why would people want to use spray paint for it?

Graffiti is an art form that started as a way for people to voice their thoughts and opinions without getting caught anonymously. Many graffiti artists choose to use spray paint because it’s easy to use, portable, and durable – the perfect medium for tagging walls, doors, mailboxes, etc. 

You can use spray paints to create simple letters and shapes, or you can use them to make more detailed images. This is where some spray paints may fall short. 

If you spray paint a detailed image on the side of a building, it needs to withstand both outdoor weather conditions and foot traffic. Softer or lesser-quality paints may become faded or start chipping after only one month on the side of a building. That’s why it’s essential to consider which spray paints are best for outdoor use. 

If you’re looking for the best spray paint for your next project, look no further than our list of 5 top-rated options. These are all high-quality spray paints made by reputable brands that are perfect for any artist who wants their work to stand out from the rest. 

5 Best Spray Paints for Graffiti Artists | Compared

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5 Best Spray Paints for Graffiti Artists | Reviews

1. Montana BLACK Set of 12 Graffiti Street Art (Best Overall)

  • High-pressure cans
  • A vast array of color choice
  • Thick paint coating
  • True color match
  • Clogging
  • Expensive

2. Evolve 12-Pack Spray Paint (Best Value)

  • Excellent value
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Inconsistent pressure

3. DANG Prime Graffiti Spray Paint

  • Ideal for any skill level
  • Vibrant colors
  • Low-pressure paint with no clogging
  • Extensive coverage
  • Pricey

4. MTN Colors – Water Based Spray Paint Workshop Pack

  • Affordable
  • Kid-friendly size
  • Six color choices
  • Too small for large scale work

5. Pintyplus Aqua Spray Paint

  • Water-based paint formula
  • Low pressure
  • Indoor safe
  • Small cans

Video: Graffiti Tutorial – Can Control

The best kind of spray paints for graffiti artists

The best ones can last through outdoor elements. This isn’t always possible, but if you’re looking for the best chances of it, your best bet is to look into professional grade paints like those on our list.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting or have been doing it for years. Spray painting is one of the most popular forms of graffiti art for a reason. These are the best spray paints on the market, so you can continue to innovate and develop your style without worrying about losing your work to the elements.

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Buyer’s Guide

The best spray paint for graffiti artists varies depending on your preference. Check out these recommendations if you’re looking to get started!


Look for products with high opacity, which means they can cover up an entire object or wall without thinning their formula too much. This is important because the more opaque the product, the easier it is to cover up, and the less likely it is for your artwork to fade over time.


Are you on a tight budget? Or are you willing to splurge some money into an expensive can of paint? Either way, there are plenty of options at every price point! Avoid getting too cheap without considering how much product you’re getting, though – you might be better off spending a little more!

Spray Paints for Graffiti Artists

Color Selection

Are there specific colors you’re going to need, or is it more about having a broad mix of options? Make sure your paint spurt has a range either way! If you do choose a few low-end colors, pick ones that go well together so you can combine them as often as possible. 

It’s also essential to buy a product that produces high-quality paint that looks great on your surfaces. Some low-end products will disappoint you with their lack of color matching and pigment.


How thick the spray paint is will make a massive difference in how long it lasts outdoors! Products with a fragile formula will be more likely to fade over time, so aim for ones that have a sturdier viscosity instead. You can test this by how many colors they cover up and whether or not they stay on even without pressing down hard.

Top-quality manufacturers can guarantee the color, which is essential if your project will use more than one can of the same color. The spray paint caps should also be easy to use without causing too much fatigue. The last thing you want is for your hand to get tired halfway through a project!

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Surface type

Different spray paints are best used on surfaces of different textures. If you’re working with porous surfaces, like plaster, low-quality sprays would be your best bet since they have a more liquid consistency and soak into crevices. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s better to use high-end sprays on something like glass since it’s not porous at all – the paint will bead up on it instead of soaking in!

For outdoor use, the most significant consideration is weatherproofing. Avoid getting spray paints that aren’t waterproof because even if they’re okay at resisting normal wear and tear, they could easily be ruined by the rain! For the best possible protection for your surfaces, it’s worth spending a little extra money to get one of these high-quality sprays.

Street art paint is designed to be sprayed directly onto any surface without any primer or prior preparation. This makes it perfect for creative types that want the freedom to place their work anywhere! Street artists like Banksy and Blu use spray paint all the time – be sure you get one of these products if you plan on trying out this creative type of art.

You can achieve realistic effects by using more than one color of spray paint – you can also mix them to get a fantastic result! This is made possible because high-end sprays keep their pigment no matter how much they get stretched out, so they look just as vibrant even if the coverage starts to thin. If you want to get a three-dimensional effect, make sure to use a product that can be used on both sheer and solid surfaces!

High-quality spray paint should be able to go over any surface without leaving too much excess material lying around. This means that it’ll cover up whatever you’re spraying with minimal stray marks or leakage around the edges. Look for one that doesn’t require too much pressure to get the job done, either!

Spray paint is a must-have for graffiti artists looking to make their mark on the urban landscape. These paints are incredibly sturdy and can resist extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, sun exposure, etc., that act as a natural graffiti remover. They also provide excellent coverage in even the thinnest of coats and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and materials.

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High pressure or low pressure

You can find some of the best spray paints for your next big project on this list. High-pressure cans offer greater levels of precision and control when doing lines. In contrast, low-pressure ones give you more coverage with broader colors in a single session – either detail work or larger area designs like murals!

​The two paint types described here are both great examples of what to use for different reasons. If you want the best possible outcome, each type must represent your toolkit and not just one over another!

There’s no correct answer when deciding which pressure will suit a graffiti artist more than any other – they’re all worth considering depending on where creativity comes from mixed media workflows or traditional paintings? Deep draftsmanship with thick brushstrokes vs. delicate highlights using airbrushed color gradients?

The thing with spray paint art is that the artist has a wider variety of tools at their disposal. They can mix and match them as they see fit, but it requires a bit more experience to do so. That being said, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one pressure setting either – as long as you have a wide range of cans in your arsenal, you should be able to work with them all!

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Frequently asked questions

What are some popular brands of spray paints?

Some of the most well-known brands include Krylon Spray Paint, RustOleum, and Montana Gold. 

Most graffiti artists agree that cheap brands aren’t worth your time or money because they don’t provide good coverage – if they have any pigment at all! 

All of the paints on this list are highly affordable and worth your consideration. They’re durable enough for outdoor use, but you can also use them indoors. 

How is graffiti different from street art?

Graffiti has a negative connotation since it’s most often used for vandalism purposes, but that doesn’t mean that the people who choose this form of creative expression do so with ill intentions in mind. Spray paint is a quick and easy way to get a message out there without committing major crimes. 

Street art, on the other hand, is generally used positively. It’s created to beautify an area that may have fallen into disrepair. 

People who want to use spray paint for street art will most likely be interested in the best paint for brick or concrete surfaces.

Can you use any spray paint for graffiti?

It’s essential to check the label of any spray paint before purchase to make sure that you can use it on surfaces like brick or metal. If you’re using these paints for other purposes, then take a moment to read the fine print.
It’s essential to know the difference between enamel and oil-based paints. Enamels will go on anything, but most art stores only carry water-based spray paint nowadays because it is more versatile than other types of acrylics or lacquers once you need them for different projects in one day!

When picking out colors at your local store, make sure that they are compatible with each other. Some interchangeable caps offer various options when deciding how big/thick a particular color needs to be applied, which can come in handy depending upon what kind of project requires them later down the line.

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What is acrylic spray paint?

Acrylic paint is designed to not only adhere well on plastic kits but also other surfaces. They can even be used as a bonding agent for craft projects, DIY work, or automotive painting jobs!

How is spray paint made?

Spray paint works the way it does because of how gas fuels are mixed in with liquid colors. During manufacturing, they can first become filled with a pigment mixture before being injected (usually via compressed air) and then crimped at either end to seal them off from any outside influences. The valve shuts off when this happens so you can enjoy beautiful artwork without worrying about drippage or spills!

Is spray paint art easy?

Spray paint art is quite challenging, depending on the tool you’re using. For example, to get an even coat with rollers requires a lot of practice if you don’t have any previous experience!

There are also many different kinds of graffiti that range from being very intricate for near-photorealistic pieces to simple enough to doodle on a single object. The best way to learn about this kind of art is by watching online tutorials or taking an artist-led workshop!

With a bit of creativity, spray paint can create beautiful and expressive works of art. If you have an artistic side but don’t know where to start building your piece from scratch – why not try painting with different colors on top of things like newspapers or foil? This experiment will teach kids how different shades affect what they see when looking through them.

Spray-painting is one way that encourages children’s imaginations by allowing them creative freedom while still being hands-on with their mediums!

Do you know the difference between graffiti and spray paint art?

Graffiti is a subculture that revolves around vandalism, while spray paint art is usually created to beautify an area that needs some TLC. 

Spray paint art is an exciting new form of creativity that you could use to create beautiful masterpieces on any surface. It is a form of creative expression that you can do on any non-porous surface. Unlike traditional graffiti, which is often performed in public spaces like buildings and trains; instead, these pieces are typically created using spray paint for the artist to take ownership over them as they see fit.

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To make sure you get the most out of your top-of-the-line spray paint, consider getting one that’s suited to your specific project needs. If you’re painting something for outdoor display, it’s worth looking into some weatherproof options designed for this type of work. Another thing to consider is that different spray paints have different consistencies. If you want high-quality street art paint, make sure it’s thin enough to be used without too much pressure!

We reviewed some of the best spray paints on the market to develop our top 5 picks. For those who haven’t done this kind of work before, practicing on some scrap materials first, as getting used to how spray paint acts can be crucial. Many people also find it helpful to watch online tutorials for tips and tricks from more experienced artists! With time, anyone can become an expert with the right amount of dedication.

If there’s one main thing to take away from this article, it would be that spray paint art is a creative new way to beautify your surroundings using simple pressurized cans. It can even be used in craft projects alongside other mediums, offering children added inspiration in their creative thinking!

There are no creative limits for spray paint art, offering a creative outlet for those who want to make their environment look beautiful. With some practice and patience, anyone can be a graffiti artist in no time at all! 

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