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Husqvarna 125b | Revolutionary Handheld Blower?

Nobody wants a dirty yard. Your surrounding says a lot about you, and therefore, you should always strive to get rid of the leaves that fall overnight or during the day. There is no better way of doing this than using a leaf blower.

You can also choose to rake up the leaves and debris in the year, but this is usually slow, pretty inconveniencing, and time-consuming. The suitable handheld blower will help you mulch debris and leaves efficiently.

This article will examine one of the best leaf blowers in the market- Husqvarna 125B. The mention of Husqvarna should delight you since this brand is known for quality items. You can thus expect that the 125B blower is also pretty efficient.

Husqvarna 125b Blower | Quick Overview

Husqvarna 125b Features 


Out of all the considerations when buying a handheld leaf blower, the engine or motor should top your list. Remember, this is the central driving unit that determines other features, such as strength and fuel consumption.

The 125B has a 24 CC 2 cycle engine that remits 1.1 Horsepower, powerful enough to blow off the leaves in your yard. Thanks to the excellent Husqvarna power equipment, it manages up to 8000 rotations per minute, and the fan speed creates 170MPH airspeed.

Thanks to the high rotational force and wind speed, high volumes of air move out through the blower tube in a super large quantity, giving you a CFM of roughly 425.

Fuel consumption

The amount of gas a machine uses dictates whether it is economical or not. Luckily, this leaf blower does not consume much gas. The fuel rating stands at 575g/kWh, which is pretty efficient.

It has a 16.91 oz. Gas tank means that you can always use the leaf blower for quite some time without worrying about fuel usage.


Unfortunately, the Husqvarna 125b handheld blower produces so much noise from the engine and fan housing it might be disturbing to the ears. Therefore, you are advised to wear ear defenders if you want to avoid torture. You don’t want to subject your ears to the noise of 94 decibels.


The design dictates not only the aesthetic quality of a product but also its functionality. Like most tools under the Husqvarna brand, this leaf blower comes in two dominant colors, which are bright orange and black. It has a lightweight and compact construction and a blowing tube length that makes it easy to use.

Therefore, regardless of your age and gender, you can use it for most of your cleaning tasks. Due to its lightweight construction, it has high maneuverability. Keep in mind that it only weighs ten pounds, which is light compared to other handheld products.

It is also pretty ergonomic and can be comfortably held during usage. The only disadvantage is that this product does not have straps, which you will have to buy if you need them. All in all, the design gives it a high level of efficiency that most tools lack.


This product is handheld, which is one of the reasons why it is pretty light. You can use it even in the tightest of spaces. Therefore, whether you want to clean up your yard or vacuum debris from your drainage system, this is the best that you could ever get. 

Blowing tube

We cannot conclusively mention the features of this blower without talking about the blowing tube. Husqvarna 125B has an adjustable in-built blowing tube that can be manipulated to suit different yard requirements. 

You need such a tube if you want to efficiently work on your yard, and especially if you are a professional. It even gets better since you can choose from two included sets of nozzles. For regular cleaning, you can use the round nose, and for in-depth cleaning, the flat nozzle comes in handy. 

Stop switch 

The manufacturer is mainly concerned with making the Husqvarna 125b leaf blower easier to operate. Therefore, users get an auto return stop switch that resets automatically for an easy starting. This is further enhanced by the adjustable length of the blowing tube and the air stream that can be set for easier handling.


This fantastic leaf blower from Husqvarna has an easy access panel, which contributes to why people love it. You will get all the controls of the blower, which can also be easily reached.

Users also get a variable speed throttle and a switch for cruise control, which allows them to operate the tool at a constant speed efficiently. Keep in mind that this speed also locks in the speed of the fan.

Air purge

The air purge system plays a significant role in the functioning of a leaf blower. The Husqvarna 125B has a carb and fuel system where the air is easily evacuated with the air purge’s help. If you are wondering what benefit this brings to your machine, it allows you to start up the device quickly.


Luckily enough, Husqvarna has a warranty of two years on a qualifying product. This leaf blower is not an exception. However, if you decide to purchase your product from other online stores such as Amazon, your qualifying handheld product warranty period goes up by an additional 2 years.

The warranty is all-inclusive and, therefore, covers both the parts and labor from your nearest Husqvarna dealer. Also bear in mind that it will need a regular service to change the air filter and spark plug.


This product has several pros that users find useful. These are:

  • Power 

One of the advantages that people enjoy from this tool is its powerful motor, which sweeps through heavy debris effortlessly without fail. You will also handle pine needles, wet debris, and even sticks. It is thus suitable for multi-purpose use. 

  • It is easy to start. 

One of the things that people complain about when it comes to gardening machines is a challenging start. Fortunately, this product won’t take you long to get it running. 

  • It has a high CMF, which is brought about by the high rotation speed. 
  • Both professionals and homeowners can use it. 



  • Lack of a harness strap

This product does not come with a harness strap. You must, therefore, obtain one separately. 

  • The fuel mix can be quite complicated. Use pre mixed fuel wherever possible.

Final thoughts 

Husqvarna products are usually fantastic. If you need a leaf blower, this product will serve you well. However, keep in mind that it lacks a harness, and therefore, you should make arrangements for getting one. 

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