Best Laser Measuring Tool – 5 Reviews and Buyers Guide

laser measuring tool

The laser measuring tool can now be found in every tradesman’s toolkit. Replacing the tape measure this popular gadget requires just one person, provides accurate readings, and saves you time and money.

There are certain factors to understand before buying a laser measuring tool such as different measuring modes, Bluetooth, or memory data storage, whether it can do calculations or not.

With this in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive review and buyers guide of five of the best laser measuring tools on the market to help you to make an informed decision before buying.


Laser measuring tool comparison table:


5 Best Laser Measuring Tools – Review


Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze 65′ Laser Distance Measure 



Tacklife HD60 Classic 196Ft  Laser Distance Measure



Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled 165’ Laser Distance Measure (Best Overall)



Leica DISTO D2 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0



WETOLS 196ft Laser Measure (Best Value)



Best Laser Measuring Tool – Buyers Guide


Factors to consider

Before a laser measure is purchased doing some research is a key factor otherwise you could end up with a product that is a massive and costly disappointment rather than a product that is advantageous to you. Comparing products now can save you a tremendous amount of time later on.

Additional Features

It is important that you know what elements you are looking for before researching for the tool. Almost every laser measure has an additional function, some have quite a few which can make the laser measure complicated, look for one that has a capability to perform well in ways that you require.

Remember that as a rule the more additional features the laser measure has the more expensive it becomes and could prove to be more complex to use than you want it to be. 

The live measuring capability and the Pythagoras feature offered by the majority of laser measures on the market are the most popular. It is very important that you think carefully about what functions you really need.

Bluetooth or Memory Storage Data

In this modern age having the ability to connect the laser measure to a smartphone or other device will save a lot of time. Collecting data and information such as specific measurements or past measurements and having them stored in one place to access whenever you need them will prove to be invaluable, no more pencils and pieces of paper to bother with.  

More complex calculations like how much flooring will be needed in a property or how much paint will be needed for painting a room, can all be stored ready for future reference.

However, without Bluetooth, there is still the option of memory data storage which some laser measure tools offer.

Outdoor Working

If you are working outdoors for the majority of the time then you need to know your laser measure tool is fully protected from the elements. Waterproof or water-resistant and dustproof shielding will significantly increase the lifespan of your laser measure tool. 

Certain surroundings such as workshops, farms, and building sites can put a strain on technology, so it would be very beneficial to have your laser measure protected.


The range is something you should consider without a doubt. Think about the types of ranges you measure on a daily basis and try to work out an average.  Not all jobs will have a laser measure range, but buying a laser measure then hardly using it will be a waste of time and money. 

To ensure you don’t buy a tool that will be redundant, find an average distance, make sure you know what this is in feet (laser measure ranges are usually displayed in this unit), and buy one that is considerably more than your average distance.


Most laser measure tools are light and are easily stored in a toolbox or even a pocket with no real issues. However, there are laser measuring tools with added portable methods included in the package. A handy carry case or pouch with wrist straps means they are less likely to be dropped, always close at hand, and not easily forgotten or stolen when on a job.


Having reviewed the 5 products, all of which have their own good quality features, our Best Overall is the BOSCH GLM50 C.

It is accurate, sturdy, robust and built to last, has a good range, backlit color display, small and compact, comes with a pouch, wrist strap and handy target cards and Bluetooth connection via the Bosch app. 

This is a good measuring tool for professionals and DIYers with many good quality features and is cheaper than the Leica D2 reviewed. 

The Wettols laser measure tool has quality features and functions for professionals and DIYers,  good customer ratings by feature, and a very high specification for such a low price which is why it came out as our Best Value product.

The Leica D2 has slightly different features to the Bosch GLM50 C such as two and three-point Pythagoras, larger range, and intelligent end piece but it is more expensive and the customer ratings by feature are not as high as the Bosch. Having said that it is still a popular laser measure product.

The three laser measure tools reviewed with no Bluetooth connection all have their own quality features.

The Bosch GLM20 is aimed at the DIY market and is a simple accurate tool with a good name, good price, and good customer ratings by feature. 

The Tacklife measuring tool is a good product for professionals and DIYers, offering quality features and functions at a good price with good customer ratings by feature, and for this reason, came a very close second to the Wettols (Best Value).

We hope you have found the information on laser measure tools helpful and you now have a better understanding to be able to buy with confidence. 

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