Best Tin & Aviation Snips for the Money – Reviews and Recommendations

Tin snips and aviation snips are what’s needed to manually cut through sheet metal.  It can be a tough gig and your hands won’t thank you if you don’t have a tool that’s up to the job. Thankfully, there are now several models available that are reasonably priced, and so whilst that’s a blessing in many respects, it can lead to indecision.

We have tested and reviewed 5 of the best ones on the market and have written detailed reports on their ability.  We have also designed an easy-to-read comparison table so you can see the products side by side. Our goal is to ensure you make the right purchase and we’re confident we can save you some time and money with this article!

To see the difference between tin snips vs aviation snips you can check this article out.


Our favorite products compared:


5 best tin snips and aviation snips – reviewed


MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set (Best overall)


IRWIN 12-inch Tin Snip (Best Value)


Crescent WISS MetalMaster Aviation Snip Set


TEKTON 10-Inch Straight Pattern Tin Snips


DeWalt DWHT14676 3-piece ERGO Aviation Snips Set 


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Our Best Overall award went to MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set as they performed the best in our testing.  They have excellent power and grip and are correctly color-coded.  The blades are very sharp and we felt in total control using them.

Our Best Value pick was the IRWIN 12-inch Tin Snip.  For the price you’ll pay these will give you great performance.  They’re sharp, powerful, and won’t bend the metal when cutting. The warranty is an added bonus too.

We hope you have found these reviews helpful.  If you need to ask any questions, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer you.

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