Best Oscillating Tools for the Money – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Oscillating tools, known mainly as a multi tool, is an excellent addition to any DIYer or professional’s tool collection. It is quite similar to the rotary tool and plays a vital role in different crafts. You will need it for any repair job, home remodeling, and even construction. 

This tool is highly versatile, and therefore, do not be shocked if you spot it in all workshops, because it can be used for sawing, cutting, polishing, grinding, scraping, and preparing different surfaces. That’s quite a list! It is an all-in-one power tool that any DIYer should have in their collection. 

Given that this is a pretty popular tool, many brands are offering it, but you do need to be careful before acquiring one because the quality varies and you could easily buy a load of junk. We have reviewed the 5 currently available and selected our Best Overall and Best Value oscillating tools.

To make it easier for you we have placed all 5 in an easy-to-read comparison table, and at the bottom of the article, you will see our Buyers Guide packed full of top tips to consider before purchasing this tool.

Here’s a quick guide of what we’ll provide in this best oscillating tools review article:

  • First, we’ll compare our top 5 picks side-by-side in a comparison table
  • Next, we’ll take a deep dive look at their features and benefits that you will find handy
  • Then, we’ll explain a little about their drawbacks you will need to know about
  • And finally, our buyers guide is packed full of hints and tips to give you a better insight into the product

Sound OK?  Great, let’s get to it!

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Comparison of our Favorite Oscillating Tools:

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5 Best Oscillating Tools – Reviews


1. Milwaukee 2626-20 Cordless Oscillating Tool (Best Overall)

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful with 12-speed settings
  • M18 Redlink Technology
  • Wood cutting blade included
  • Super durable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • Battery extra cost


2. Dremel MM50-01 Corded Oscillating Tool (Best Value)

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful, low vibration motor
  • Slimmer design
  • Flush cuts
  • Loads of included accessories
  • No LED lights
  • 7ft cord may be too short



Pros & Cons

  • Powerful
  • Brushless motor
  • Universal accessory adapter
  • 3-speed setting
  • Top-end budget


4. Bosch Power Tools Oscillating Saw GOP40-30C

Pros & Cons

  • Large accessory bundle
  • LED lights
  • Starlock Plus design
  • Only 1-year warranty


Avid Power Oscillating Multi Too5. l

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • No tool blade change
  • Compatible with major brands
  • Noisy
  • Heavy
  • No Carbide blade
  • Limited accessories with initial kit

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Oscillating Tool Buyers Guide

In this article, we will look at some of the things that you need to consider before finally settling on an oscillating tool. Keep in mind that we want you to land the best tool for your projects and you cannot achieve good results without the right machine. Here are some of the things that you have to take into consideration:

The Type of Oscillating Tool 

When it comes to the rotary tool, you are only restricted to the handheld models, which come in two types. You can either get the cordless version or the corded oscillating tool, both of which have their fair share of advantages. Let’s explore each one a little deeper.

Cordless Oscillating Tools

The cordless oscillating tool is best used in tight spaces. It can fit in areas that other devices cannot access. It is a battery-powered model that has no cord attached to it. Therefore, you will not have to draw power from an external source or use an extension cord to reach the job site, making these more flexible and portable.

This version is best suited for relatively shorter projects or when you need to access spots using a ladder. They are highly portable and the top-spec models can go on for long periods, depending on your usage. We would highly advise you that you equip your tool with higher capacity Ah batteries. 

A decent cordless multi-tool will have a powerful motor that can be applauded for its long-running time. However, keep in mind that this is not the right option for projects that go on for several hours. Unless you are getting extra batteries, you can end up disappointed. The best battery technology reaches full charge in under 30 minutes, but if used commercially time is money.

Corded Oscillating Tools

You can easily deduce what these are right from the name. For the corded rotary tool, you need an external power source, which gives you a longer running time. This type of oscillating tool is best used for longer projects, or jobs around the home where it’s anticipated a power supply can easily be found. However, when getting one, you need to be thorough. To be on the safer side, we would highly advise that you only settle for reputable manufacturers. This variation is usually more potent than the other cordless version. You will need to check the cord length, although it is highly likely you will need an extension cord to use on most jobs.

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Speed Control 

When shopping for an oscillating tool, make sure that it comes with variable speed controls. These will let you slow down or speed up the device depending on the type of job that you are working on. This feature also comes in handy when working on projects that need high levels of cutting precision. You need varying speed controls, especially if your oscillating tool will mostly be used for polishing surfaces. Keep in mind that if using a scraper blade or sanding pad you are going to want a higher level of control, otherwise the power works against you and it can destroy the finishing in individual projects. 

LED Lighting 

Most people do not take this feature seriously. Your oscillating tool should have a built-in LED lighting to illuminate the target area, helping you achieve a super high level of accuracy. Keep in mind that you need to be super accurate when making flush cuts and having the cut illuminated greatly assists accuracy. 

Vibration Control 

Too much vibration can be uncomfortable, especially when using your tool. Therefore, you should get an oscillating tool with a vibration control feature that will allow it to absorb most of the vibrations as it operates, making it pretty comfortable. Most manufacturers have designed some form of anti-vibration, but the cheapest offerings don’t and so you will need to weigh up how long you will be using the tool for and whether you can cope with it.  Accuracy and control will be affected as well as the multi-tool being unpleasant to use.


A tool’s design influences a lot of things, especially how you get to handle it. If you would like to be safe, we would highly advise you to go for an oscillating tool with an ergonomic design that allows you to keep a firm grip as you go about your projects. An ergonomic tool also makes the whole process of operation comfortable, allowing you to access tight spaces easily. 

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Carrying Case 

Have you ever wondered how you will transport your oscillating tool when it comes without a carriage case? Before committing your money to such a tool, ensure that it comes with a carrying case to help you protect it and also become more organized. 

Multi-Tool Accessory

Your oscillating tool should have a set of accessories and attachments to lessen the burden of getting them separately. It can be quite inconvenient to make independent purchases even after spending hundreds of dollars on an oscillating tool. To be fair, most brands offer a lot of accessories with the tool; things like saw blades, scraper blades, sanding pads, and other sanding attachments form part of the deal.  Do bear in mind the quality of these accessories varies greatly between the models. For example, not every manufacturer will give you a carbide blade and so the cutting tool you buy may not be fit for purpose.

You will be able to complete several jobs immediately, once you get the accessories alongside your tools. Also, ensure that it comes with a few grinding pads and cutting blades. Having a tool that is compatible with major brands is also a good idea because it means you don’t have to hunt down a particular item and you can use what accessories you already have if upgrading to a different model.

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Quick-release System 

The oscillating tool is fondly known as a function tool and a quick-release or tool-free system gives you an easy time when changing different accessories. You do not have to get a wrench in between attachments. However, be careful and look out for certain accessories that cannot withstand a lot of heat. 

Dust Extraction Feature

Your oscillating tool will gather dust as you work. You need a system that can get rid of this dust, which you wouldn’t want to gather in large quantities. Your choice should have funnel dust and a dust port that can be attached to a dust collection bin or a vacuum to save you from too much cleaning. Luckily, you will not encounter a high level of airborne dust, unlike in rotary tools

Extra Batteries

This is hugely related to the type of tool that you will settle on. If you choose a cordless oscillating tool, make sure that you get some extra batteries to avoid inconveniences. Some models do come with extra batteries, but it is not guaranteed. More batteries will help you work to minimize your tool’s downtime, which means you work much more efficiently.

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Our Best Overall oscillating tool is the Milwaukee 2626-20 Cordless Multi Tool.  There is no doubt it is the best money can buy and deliver consistently high performance for many years.  The 5-year guarantee is evidence of just how reliable the tool is and it’s a must-buy for anyone who will use a multi-tool commercially.

The Best Value award went to Dremel MM50-01 Corded Oscillating Tool.  It’s compact and designed to work in tight spaces and is very powerful.  It’s a shame there are no LED lights and it’s expected you will need an extension cord to use it.  It comes with a lot of excellent accessories and for the money, it’s a great deal.

It is quite clear from our discussion that every household needs an oscillating tool. However, before settling on one, ensure that you consider all the factors that we have listed. You need the best tools for the best results and so do not make a mistake with your purchase. We hope with the information we have given you that you won’t.

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