Best Wood Burning Kit & Pyrography Pen Tools | 5 Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Pyrography is a craft that has been around for centuries and is a great skill to have or to learn. Having a suitable wood-burning kit is essential for producing top-quality pieces. Pyrography, or wood-burning as it is also known, is the art of decorating wood or other materials with a temperature-controlled pen that burns into the wood.

Wood burning kits are a great way to get started as an artist, hobbyist, or DIYer. They come with everything you need to do some fantastic designs on wood! A pyrography pen is a perfect tool for making both straight lines and curves in your design.

You can achieve tones and shades by varying the type of tips and temperature to create beautiful effects. You can quickly learn the skill, but to achieve great results, the right equipment is essential. Whether you are a beginner eager to try out some creative designs or a professional Pyrographer wanting to upgrade or add to your equipment, it can still be confusing with so much on the market.

With this in mind, we have reviewed and compiled a buyer’s guide of five good-quality products to help you to decide before you buy.

Here’s what we discuss in this best wood burning kit review article:

  • First, we compare our top picks side-by-side in a comparison table. Perfect if you have little time!
  • Next, we’ll tell you about their main features and benefits we think you’ll love
  • Then, we’ll explore their drawbacks we think you should know about
  • And finally, our buying guide will give you a greater insight into the product range enabling you to choose the right wood burning kit for your needs

Sound good? Let’s get going!

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Best Wood Burning Kits | Compared

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5 Best Wood Burning Kit Reviews


1. TRUArt Stage 2 Single Pen Professional Woodburning Detailer (Best Overall)

Pros & Cons

  • 3-year warranty
  • Fanatastic heat control
  • Quick switch tips
  • Ideal for intricate work
  • Tips could be better


2. TOPCHANCES Wood Burning Kit & Multifunction Pyrography Set (Best Value)

Pros & Cons

  • ABS engineered
  • High max temp
  • Versatile use
  • Not durable if used in red zone excessively

3. Walnut Hollow Wood Burning Tool

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Tool stand included
  • Maintains temp
  • No temp control
  • Not durable


4. Petuol 110 PCS Wood Burning Kit

Pros & Cons

  • Variable temperature control
  • 12 Colored pencil & 52 wood carving tips included
  • Ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue
  • Protective case
  • Previous quality issues


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5. Weller Short Barrel Woodburning Kit

Pros & Cons

  • 7-year warranty
  • Project book and case included
  • Heavy
  • Will take time getting used to


Video: Wood Burning for Beginners:

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Best Wood Burning Kit Buyers Guide


It is essential to choose the right pen, which is light enough to hold for any length of time, has a comfortable handle, and is easy to use. The TRUArt (Best Overall) and Topchances (Best Value) are both very light in weight. The Walnut Hollow and Weller are relatively heavy, with Petuol being the heaviest.

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Points (Tips)

Different tips for the pens are also essential to enable you to achieve your desired design. Switching over the tips to create the desired effect can only be done when the temperature has cooled. The TRUArt (Best Overall) has two small, lightweight handpieces enabling a quick switch without waiting for the tool to cool down. 

The Topchances Kit (Best value) comes with two pyrography pens allowing one to be cooling while you work with the other one. The Walnut HollowPetuol, and Weller need to cool down before changing the tips. 

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Temperature control

It is crucial to be able to control the temperature efficiently. The TRUArt (Best Overall) has a 60W digital temperature control that allows you to make minute adjustments without applying pressure to the tip. 

The Walnut Hollow and the Weller both have heavy temperature controls. The Petuol has a variable heat control which enables control of the amount of heat put onto the project. The Topchances Kit (Best Value) has a digital heat control and gives a good heat range. 

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Types of wood for learning the skill

Any type of wood to learn your pyrography skills on is acceptable, even pallet wood. Birch plywood, mahogany, basswood or pine boards are the best option and a popular choice amongst pyrographers as it helps to achieve good wood burning results. Make sure your wood is sanded down smooth.  

An excellent way to create a simple design on your wood is to place carbon paper over the wood, draw a design onto a piece of paper, place it over the carbon and trace out the design. The design will then be on the wood, ready for you to burn with your pen.

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Safety when using pens is essential.

  • It is advisable to use the pens in a well-ventilated space.
  • When changing the tips, wear a glove and wait until the temperature drops sufficiently before changing the tip.
  • PLEASE keep away from children at all times as the pen tips get very hot, and there are small parts that are a choking hazard.


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Wood Burning Kit | Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hold a wood-burning tool?

When you’re holding a wood-burning tool, it should feel comfortable in your hand. If the barrel is too long or heavy for your hand to handle comfortably, consider picking up an alternative model that has a shorter or lighter barrel. The lower end of the tip should be touching where you want it to burn on the surface, and your fingers and hand will hold it like a pen or soldering iron. If you are right-handed, generally, your left index finger will go under the barrel while your thumb presses down on top of it. Your other three fingers wrap around in front.

What does a wood-burning kit do?

A wood-burning kit is a set of tools to create detailed designs and patterns on wood, leather, or other materials. The most basic kits come with only the essential elements needed for burning—a pen-shaped tool that heats up by drawing electricity from an outlet and a tip you hold like a pen to create your design.

The more expensive kits include a variety of tips that allow you to create different lines and textures and more advanced wood-burning tools such as variable temperature control, carving nibs, and much more. The kit should include everything you need, taking into account your skillset and interest level.

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What can you make with a wood-burning kit?

This depends on your level of artistic skill! You can make straightforward designs right up to highly detailed portraits. The better kits allow you to work on different materials other than wood.

Can you make money wood burning?

Some people make a living by creating wood-burning and pyrography designs. Pieces are sought after and can be sold to individuals, businesses, or galleries. Craft fairs and social media would be an ideal place to begin marketing your work.

Can you paint over wood burning?

You can cover the design with paint, but painting over wood burning is not recommended. You will likely need wood stain to disguise any residual smoke particles or burned edges so that your painted piece looks uniform and professional.

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Each of the five Wood Burning Kits reviewed has its good individual qualities and vary in price. For beginners who don’t want to spend too much until they are sure they want to continue the craft, the Topchances Kit (Best Value) would be ideal. Whereas, for a skilled pyrographer looking for a high-quality professional kit, the TRUArt (Best Overall) would make fabulous creations. 

We hope the information has helped you make an informed decision on which Wood Burning Kit is suitable for your needs, and you are now ready to buy with confidence. 

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Walts DIY is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

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