DEWALT DW735 Vs. DW735X - How to Quickly Spot Them Apart

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At times it isn’t easy to establish what runs through the manufacturer’s minds when coming with nearly identical devices such as the DEWALT DW735 and the 735X. A quick search reveals that most of their specs are somewhat similar, and the main difference lies in the price and maybe a few factors.

Users are, therefore, most of the time left to spot the different factors and why one is likely better than the other. However, you should remember that newer models are only made if there’s a significant improvement or new feature. So, does the DEWALT 735X outperform its older sister, and is it worth it?

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this DEWALT DW735 vs. DW735X comparison

  • First, we’ll take a deep-dive into both models and share their features and benefits
  • Next, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each one
  • Then, we’ll discuss their main differences
  • And finally, we’ll provide a flavor of reviews from actual customers and this will give you a better insight into each product.

Sound good to you? OK, before we go any further to compare the two models, let’s have an overview of both. 

The DEWALT DW735 Planer  | Review


DW735 Pros and Cons

Video: How to Use the DeWALT DW735 Planer 

The DEWALT DW735X Planer | Review

Pros & Cons

  • It has a 2-speed gear system
  • It comes with a fantastic warranty
  • It keeps chips off the cutter head
  • Offers amazing cut quality
  • It comes with an extra set of replacement blades
  • Infeed and outfeed tables are foldable
  • It is heavier than the DW735
  • Very loud

Video: DEWALT DW735X Unboxing & Setup

What are the differences between the DW735 & DW735X?

You must have noticed that most of the features in these two planers are the same. What then is the difference? Even though the elements may be similar, a few aspects are quite different when narrowed in on.

Let us take a look at these:


Both of these Dewalt wood planers deliver fine and smooth cuts, given the quality of the blades. They are equipped with a 2-speed gearbox that allows users to switch between 96 and 179 cuts per inch. The performance statistics of these two remain similar.

What then is the difference in regards to performance? Well, the DW735X comes with infeed and outfeed tables, which are lacking in the DEWALT DW735. This means that one gets cleaner and faster cuts with the DW735X since the tables allow the comfortable fitting of wood.

Therefore, the inclusion of an infeed and outfeed table gives the DW735X an edge over its counterpart.


Again, there is no significant difference when it comes to the pricing of these two devices. A random look on the internet reveals that the difference is only a few dollars. I know you expected that the DEWALT DW735X would be more expensive given the additional tabletops and the extra blades.

Of course, it is, but just slightly above the DW735, even with these added components. This means that customers get value for their money. Therefore, the DW735 takes the edge when it comes to pricing, but when you consider the costs of the added accessories you will need, it is safe to say that this is a tie.


This is a common thing in woodworking. It occurs when the end of the board gets more shaven than the rest of the body. It is usually more prevalent when a longboard is pushed into the planer and the cut end sinks, lifting the other end still in the machine.

This creates a difference between the start and the end of the board, giving you an uneven surface. Users complain of considerable sniping in the DEWALT DW735 since it does not come with infeed and outfeed tables for supporting pieces of wood.

The DEWALT DW735X has both tables, which significantly reduces sniping, giving it the edge over the DW735.


One of the reasons these are some of the most popular wood planers is their rugged but compact design. Both have a longer life and increased rigidity, thanks to their cast aluminum bases. Both also have proper housing, which keeps off any debris or dust that may interfere with their working mechanism keeping the tool in excellent working condition. Plus, they both come with a dust hose adapter.

Therefore, when it comes to durability, the two are at the same level.


A closer look at these two reveals oversized controls that are easy to see. It is safe to say that both are easy to operate. They have an automatic carriage lock, which steps in if the operator forgets to set it and, in return, reduces sniping manually.

They are both heavy, meaning that none has the edge over the other in the design. Both are well-made to meet their functions and expected results.

Blade life

From our overview of the two machines, it is evident that both use the same blade system, and therefore, one would rightly say that they have the same blade life. However, there is a difference that you must have noticed.

The DEWALT DW735X comes with an extra set of blades. Handy when the first set gets damaged or worn out. What does this mean? It means that you can go twice as long before spending money on blades as a DW735 user. This is yet another win.

Dust extraction

The two use a similar dust extraction system. You can connect the 2-1/2-inch port to either a bag or hose for efficient offloading of sawdust into the dust hood. However, you will notice the wood chip blower on both models is extremely powerful, noisy, and fierce. Some have described it as a hurricane in their workshop!

In this case, both have the same rating, so it is safe to conclude that they are equal.

Overall usage

These two power tools are easy to set up and use, a feature that makes them popular amongst home woodworkers. The only difference sets in when it comes to the style of usage. If you plan to work on a job site without a special workbench to support the lumber as you plane it, you will need the DW735X, which comes with both infeed and outfeed tables supporting the board, preventing sniping. Extra knives are also included.

However, if you have a means of supporting your lumber, the DW735 will serve you just fine. From these two observations, it is safe to assume that the DW735X bench planer is cheaper to use than its counterpart since all the things you need are included in the package.

Customer opinion

We also need to consider what other users think about these two devices. We took some time and went through several woodworking forums and reviews to establish what people think about the functionality and design of these machines.

Most users are thrilled about the overall finish accorded to the pieces of wood or boards they are working on. They attribute this to the high cut per inch count, referring to the devices as ‘almost flawless.’ Most said that the smooth surfaces created were a big plus and advised that the blades should be sharp all the time.

However, some users also observed that the blades wore out quicker than expected, even with the 30% more life knife guarantee. The DEWALT DW735X was praised for several reasons. One, users were delighted that it comes with an extra set of blades, saving them costs.

Two, some users who own both machines were happy with it due to the included extras. Most users even said they separately bought the tables when they acquired the DW735, which they would not have done if they knew that the other version came with them.

Users tend to agree on durability and premium design, which is visible for the rugged look.

Bottom line

As we said in our intro, there’s rarely a time when a newer one is made worse than the existing one. Manufacturers wouldn’t commit to designing and making it and offering it alongside each other. In this case, the DW735X is the better choice as it provides better performance and value for money.

With it comes the infeed and outfeed tables and a replacement set of blades. The performance of the DW735X is better because the tables reduce sniping. However, if you already own the DW735 model, we don’t recommend upgrading unless it’s coming to the end of its life, as the differences are so minor.

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