Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery Review? Is it Worth all the Fuss?

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The Ryobi OP4040 is a high-capacity lithium-ion 4.0 Ah battery and is part of the Ryobi cordless family. Sure, you could always buy corded equipment, but nowadays, that’s not exactly the most efficient way of cutting the grass, clearing leaves, or snow. Cordless tools have come a long way since their inception and are, arguably, more powerful than their corded cousins.

Ryobi has been a leader in its field for generations, and its tools are sold right across the globe. They also have a neat system where one battery powers a whole range of power tools, and so if you’re in the market for a high-performing lithium-ion battery, you’ll want to know more about the Ryobi OP4040 battery before making a purchasing decision.

Here’s a rundown on what we cover in this Ryobi OP4040 battery review article:

  • First, we’ll explain the features and benefits you’ll find handy
  • Next, we’ll take a look at any drawbacks we think you should know about
  • Then, we’ll provide a sampling of actual customer and independent reviews to give you a much better insight into the Ryobi OP4040 battery

Sound good?  Let’s get going!

Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

Special Features of Ryobi OP4040 Battery

Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

Here are some of its features:  

Weight and dimensions  

The Ryobi OP4040 weighs 3.29 pounds, making it a bit heavier than other batteries. Its dimensions are 6.5*4*3 inches. The added weight may mean your power tool becomes heavy, and this will be a consideration for a 40v chainsaw or hedge trimmer where you are lifting it to chest height and more.


If properly taken care of, the Ryobi OP4040 battery can last for a relatively longer duration without defects, problems, or issues.


Ryobi claims that this product comes with a 3-year limited warranty and will take care of any issues during this period. 

Operator’s manual

It comes with a manual guide to show you how to handle the 4ah battery and best take care of it. While reading operator manuals is often a tedious task, it’s essential in this case because you can extend your original battery life. Plus, you’ll stand more chance of obtaining a replacement battery from Ryobi if you have followed the care plan and instructions. 

We’ve read many reviews from customers who complain Ryobi has been challenging to deal with. However, they have not followed the manufacturer’s advice from the outset, and the Ryobi OP4040 battery has degraded due to their negligence.

Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery


This Ryobi battery pack has a rating of 40 volts. 


This Ryobi 40v battery is compatible with all Ryobi 40 volt tools, such as a 40v blower, string trimmer, Ryobi mower, and chain saws. You can also use it with a Ryobi leaf blower. It’s compatible with around 50 Ryobi 40v products, making this an ideal spare battery for all your Ryobi cordless 40v tools.

Battery life indicator 

This power tool battery comes with an onboard fuel gauge indicator that allows you to know how much battery life you have left before another charge. It also has flashes that will light up different colors to indicate when charging or if it has become faulty. For instance, it may give a red/green flashing to show that it has become defective.

Running time 

This is a four ah high capacity battery offering you a long running time. It offers double the run-time of a Ryobi 40v 2.0 Ah compact battery and charges in under 40 minutes. This is an awe-inspiring performance. Please bear in mind that the Ryobi charger is sold separately, so you will need to factor in that additional cost if purchasing this battery.

Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

Fade-free performance 

This is because it is a high-capacity lithium-ion cell. To preserve the life of the battery charge, and to consistently obtain the best performance, always keep it charged between 20 to 80%. If you do charge it to total capacity, ensure you use it straight away, don’t let it just sit there on full charge because dendrites form in lithium-ion cells, and this degrades the lithium battery, and you’ll end up having to replace it sooner than you should. This advice goes for any lithium battery and not just this bit of kit.

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Video: Ryobi 40v Mower Test

Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

Ryobi OP4040 Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to know whether it is wise to spend your hard-earned money on a product is to go through the customer reviews. It reveals more information about a given product that the manufacturer or seller did not disclose.

The Ryobi OP4040 lithium-ion battery seems to be loved and questioned in equal measure as some customers have had a life-changing experience using it while others feel ripped off. Many customers have praised the great power it offers their cordless tool and its ability to charge fast. Some are also pleased with the long run time you get to enjoy using this battery.

On the other hand, some are not happy with how the battery becomes hot after running for a while, causing it to swell up. It would be best if you gave it time to cool before you can remove and change it. This may not work well if you are in a hurry to get done with the task at hand.

Customers have also noted issues of the stickers being upside down. This may be because the battery is counterfeit, and you placed the stickers haphazardly. The battery may be genuine in other cases, but the stickers are still placed in the opposite direction.

Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

We suggest that you call Ryobi tools to confirm the serial number to know whether it is a genuine product or counterfeit. It is also essential to note that although Ryobi indicates that they have a 3-year limited warranty, many customers have complained that they do not replace products.

There are also complaints of customers who received what they did not order, like getting the OP4030 instead of the OP4040. Therefore, you have to ensure that you follow up on your order and avoid using it if it is not exactly what you asked for.

This is because Ryobi may not accept replacing once you have used it. If you get another one that is not what you asked for, you will not get the same amount of power as the OP4040 offers. Therefore, it won’t last as long between the charges, which is the main benefit of this battery.

Ryobi OP4040 Pros

    • Lasts longer. The Ryobi OP4040 lasts longer than the average batteries, such as the 2.6 ah. This allows you to use it for a long time before requiring another charge. It offers you more than one hour of run time. 
    • Comes with a battery indicator. This allows you to know how much power you are left with before you need to charge again. However, ensure that you charge it before it entirely runs out to prevent it from becoming defective. Charge as soon as you are left with 5 volts. 
    • Charges faster. This lithium-ion battery also charges more quickly compared to other batteries. 
    • Easy to use. These batteries are easy to use, and you can seamlessly change from one tool to another. However, if it becomes hot, give it time to cool before you can do that. 
    • Great power. This battery offers you a great deal of energy to run your machines smoothly. 
    • Fast and efficient service. They will deliver the battery shortly after you have placed your order. Therefore, if you needed it for a project you need to finish fast, it will not disappoint. However, this may depend on the seller you settle on. 

    Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

    Ryobi OP4040 Cons 

    • It may get hot with repeated use and swell up. It would be best if you gave it time to cool before you can remove it. You may also need to have a spare one with you to be able to keep working. 
    • It may stop giving power suddenly. This is because it is considered a “smart” Li-Ion battery. Therefore, it lacks the gradual slow-down that conventional batteries have. 
    • Ryobi does not replace products despite having a warranty. Even when making your purchase, keep in mind that it is like taking a risk because Ryobi does not substitute products. This means that you will have to replace it at your own expense if you get a faulty or counterfeit battery. 
    • It will not recharge if it is completely spent. Ensure that you maintain at least 5 volts in the battery, or the charger will not recognize it. Once it fails to recognize the charger, it means it has become defective, and you need to buy another one. 
    • It is pretty pricey. Compared to other batteries, the Ryobi OP4040 may cost you a bit more. If you get a counterfeit after paying such a hefty amount, you may feel robbed. 
    • The sticker may be upside down. This may be the case with most counterfeit batteries, as you may place the stickers in opposite directions. However, it does not necessarily mean it is defective. Check with the manufacturer the serial number to confirm whether it is counterfeit or not. 
    • You may get something different from what you ordered. The seller may confuse during packaging and pack a different thing from what you ordered. You will have to check correctly when you receive your package to confirm. 


Ryobi OP4040 Lithium-ion Battery

Bottom line

If you’re in the market for a solidly built, affordable, high-performance lithium-ion battery, you’ve come to the right place. The Ryobi OP4040 offers a ton of features and benefits. It’s compatible with over 50 brushless Ryobi products, offers a high-powered performance with only a 40 minute charge time, and has a 3-year warranty.

Ryobi has been a leader in lithium-ion battery development for many years, and they do not disappoint here. From reading actual customer reviews of people from all walks of life, it’s clear it’s a product that comes with a high recommendation – and we can’t blame them either!

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