Ryobi P102 Lithium-ion Battery | Honest Review

Sure, you could always continue using traditional gas-powered tools, but that’s not exactly the most efficient or economical way of working. A Ryobi lithium-ion battery is the perfect blend of modern convenience and power. The latest battery technology makes cordless power tools perfect for smaller jobs around the home and larger-scale ones completed by pro contractors.

The Ryobi P102 lithium-ion battery has been a beloved feature of the ONE+ system for a while now! If you’re in the market for a replacement battery, you’ll want to know a lot more about this model before you decide what to purchase.

Here’s a rundown of what we explore in this Ryobi P102 battery review article:

  • First, we’ll share the main features and benefits that you’ll find handy
  • Next, we’ll take a look at actual customer and user reviews to give you a better insight into the P102’s reputation
  • And finally, we’ll tell you about the drawbacks we think you should know about

Sound OK? Great, let’s begin.

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Special Features of the Ryobi P102 Battery

This is a Ryobi P102 18V compact lithium-ion battery from the renowned brand Ryobi. 


This is one of the most noticeable features of this Ryobi battery. Its compact design has seen it become the darling of many Ryobi tool owners. It has a 5*4*4 inches dimension, enabling it to occupy a relatively more minor space. 

It is also pretty lightweight, which is an added advantage. At a record weight of only 0.42 grams, it will not substantially affect the weight of your tool. This lightweight design allows for more fantastic cordless tool handling, which you need for faster and easier use. 

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This product works with a range of power tools, explaining its popularity and resultant usage over the years. You can use it in all One+ compatible Ryobi power tools. It does not matter whether you own a sprayer, a string trimmer, a Ryobi drill, or a reciprocating saw. This feature also brings down the overall cost of running your Ryobi cordless tools. 

Improved battery life

For a long time, people relied on older nicad models to power a range of cordless tools. Even though they have their fair share of advantages, they cannot match a lithium battery. This Ryobi 18v lithium battery offers users a much-improved battery life, rated four times faster than the average Nicad battery. Therefore, you can be assured that your Ryobi power tool will not run out of juice before completing your project. 

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Fade free power 

This is one of the reasons why Ryobi batteries became popular. This product offers you fade-free power, ensuring that you complete your projects at the same speed throughout. What does fade-free power mean? 

It means that your tool performance does not weaken as the battery drains. You get to work at full battery power from the beginning of your charge to the end. 


This product is made up of several materials. Some of the most notable ones are stainless steel, metal oxide, nickel, and inert materials, explaining their high functionality and durability. 


It allows you to experience lithium-ion performance at Ni-Cd prices. It offers users up to 20% more runtime, holds a charge up to four times longer, and is way lighter than other Ni-Cd batteries in its category. 

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A warranty serves two different purposes. First, it is an indication of a manufacturer’s trust in a given product. Second, it guarantees that the manufacturer will take care of any malfunctions arising from the product’s usage within the given duration.

Like most Ryobi products, this battery comes with a 3-year limited warranty. However, we advise buyers to make purchases from authorized dealers or risk missing out on compensation when a problem arises. Three years may not be what you were expecting, but it is something to hold on to. 


As we mentioned, this product can work with any Ryobi 18V ONE+ system, which covers over 175 products. Therefore, purchasing this battery offers you the level of versatility that you need. Use it with a Ryobi leaf blower in fall, a Ryobi pressure washer in spring, and a Ryobi string trimmer in summer.

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Easy to use

The Ryobi P102 battery pack is easy to use, as most consumers have indicated. It comes as a two-pack bundle, so you’re able to keep one on a Ryobi charger as you work with the other. You only need to swap batteries when you run out of power. 

It, therefore, saves you from the complicated operation of Ni-Cd batteries, giving you more time to work on your projects and focus on the most critical matters, such as how you should get the perfect drill. 

Charge retention 

This Ryobi 18v battery has excellent charge retention, so you don’t have to stop every thirty minutes to swap or charge it. This is a massive advantage since it offers you more time to work on your projects undisturbed. Therefore, whether you are using a Ryobi impact driver or a cordless drill, you can be sure that they will last a tad longer. 

Just make sure you use the correct charger for the battery, though. A dual chemistry charger from Ryobi will help keep the P102 in top condition for a lot longer. A big problem with a high-capacity battery like this one is overcharging them can seriously affect them, and so using a battery charge with an in-built maintenance mode will save you money in the long term.


This product comes at a fantastic price. You cannot miss a fair offer if you search for it online. You can also check different stores on Amazon. Despite its features, it costs the same as Nicad batteries, which shows how much of a steal it is. 

However, be on the lookout for counterfeit products. A lower price is okay since you get to save on some coins and learn to think twice when the deal is too good. You do not want to end up disappointed after a month of usage after learning that you spent money on a non-original battery. 

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Ryobi P102 Battery Reviews

Users have different things to say about this battery. As one would expect, the internet is thronged with both positive and negative reviews. However, a glance at the product’s official page reveals more pleased users. With a five-star rating of 196 out of 265 reviews, you can tell that most users find this item amazing. 

However, some have noted that the batteries worked for one season and failed to power their devices the next. The red neon light on the charger stayed red even after leaving the product plugged for several hours. 

We have noted that this is a common problem with Ryobi products and may have something to do with the entire brand and not the specific battery. Other users find this helpful product, just that it feels expensive if you do not purchase them as part of a bundle. 

Others have also noted that even though the product is okay, leaving them on the charger for long may spoil them. A user even referred to the batteries as a significant investment, which is a big deal, given that people have mixed feelings when it comes to such products. 

One Amazon buyer noted that he purchased two of these products, and none lasted more than a year, which tells just how Ryobi is failing its customer base when it comes to its durability. However, even with the mixed reviews about the product, it is evident that these batteries are great at first. 

One user advises that the best way to counter the defects people experience is to discharge the battery as much as possible before recharge and not leave it plugged on the charger long after it has charged. 

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Ryobi P102 Pros 

We managed to establish several pros based on our observation and customer reviews. Here are the positive sides: 

  • It is light- This product is lightweight and offers users greater control when used with power tools. You do not want to acquire a bulky battery to use in your already-bulky equipment. 
  • It is relatively cheap- This lithium-ion battery comes at a relatively lower price than other products of its caliber. You need less than $50 for a new pair, and if you are lucky enough, you can buy one for less than $40. Just make sure that you are not duped and end up purchasing a low-quality battery.
  • Quick charge and recharge– Several users have noted that this product takes a shorter time to charge and recharge, giving you an easier time working on a lengthy project. However, we encourage you to have as many spare batteries as possible to avoid distractions and unnecessary stops while working.
  • It is compatible with a range of tools– This product works with all One + compatible devices, meaning that you can use it in over 175 pieces of equipment. The resultant effect saves you money and time as all you need to swap one tool and the next. You have an actual product, whether you will be using a cordless fogger or a drill driver.
  • Fantastic customer service– Ryobi, even with all the shortcomings, has always been applauded for excellent customer service. You can easily reach their customer care assistants over the phone if you have any queries about the products, and you will get the help you need. 

Note that we will not shed light on some of the pros of this Ryobi product since we had explained them in the features section. These include points such as performance, compactness, and charge retention. 

Ryobi P102 Cons 

This product also has some shortcomings, several of which we had covered in the customer review section. However, let’s shed more light on them. 

  • It is not durable– Most consumer concerns rotate around the fact that this product does not last long. The common observation is that it is very effective initially, only to develop issues as time goes by. Most people have had to part with their purchases only three months after obtaining them. This is the biggest shortcoming this product has. 
  • More extended replacement/ refund period– Several users had reported that they had to wait for long before Ryobi addressed their concerns. Some were, in fact, on their third month of waiting. It seems that Ryobi only offers replacements or refunds for products that you bought from official and authorized dealers, which has seen several people suffer losses after only a few months of using the batteries. 

The batteries would have been perfect if only they lasted longer than they do. The short lifespan makes users mad and disappointed. Ryobi should, therefore, do something as users can only be lenient for long.

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Ryobi P102 Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a replacement lithium-ion cells battery that is solid, affordable, and versatile, you’ve come to the right spot. The Ryobi P102 ticks all those boxes by offering a level of versatility rarely seen in a battery. Just think about how many Ryobi products you can use to power! Sure, there are some drawbacks to it, but the same can be said of any product. It takes less time to charge, holds a full charge throughout, and is light enough to handle and transport.

Ryobi is seen as a leader in its field, and they don’t disappoint with the P102. Many customers have left positive reviews and recommend it – and we agree with them!

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