Ryobi P107 Lithium-ion Battery Review | A Complete Breakthrough?

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The battery is essentially what powers a cordless tool. With it, you get the convenience of not having to drag around an extension cord or power source, as well as performance that can rival even gas-powered tools in certain aspects.


The Ryobi P107 lithium-ion battery is one of the best products for tools in the Ryobi One+ lineup. Cordless power tools have come a long way over the past few years and are now seen on an equal level to their gas and corded counterparts. A big part of that is the vast improvement in the lithium battery technology that powers most Ryobi tools. Gone are the days where you had to sacrifice run time or power, or durability. Instead, they are now the go-to choice for users across the globe.

However, not all lithium-ion batteries are made equally. So when you take into consideration the cost of buying one against the cost of the power tool you’re plugging it into, you’re going to have to do some research to ensure you buy right.  

Here’s a rundown of what we cover in this Ryobi P107 battery review:

  • First, we’ll share the products main features and benefits you’ll find useful
  • Next, we’ll summarise independent customer reviews to give you a greater insight into the P107’s reputation
  • And finally, we’ll tell you about the drawbacks we think you should know

Sound good?  Let’s get going!

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Ryobi P107 Lithium-Ion Cell Battery Features

Fuel gauge

This Ryobi battery incorporates a fuel gauge in its design which acts as a battery charge indicator. You will get to know the amount of battery power available at any time, thanks to the LED indicator lighting system at the frontal part. This can be activated with the push of a button and is a great feature, so you’ll never be caught by surprise when using your Ryobi tool.


One of the reasons why several customers love this product is because of its compactness. At a record weight of only 1 pound, it is less bulky than the ordinary 4Ah batteries, giving you more flexibility when using your tools. You will manage to work for longer and use your devices in tight spaces. It only measures 5*3*4 inches and will not occupy a lot of your device’s space. 


The Ryobi P107 lithium-ion battery is compatible with a range of tools in the Ryobi One+ lineup. You can use this product with more than fifty tools. It will work with your leaf blower, reciprocating saw, shop vacuums, and any other Ryobi power tool in the One + kit. 

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This Ryobi 18v battery is a darling to several people thanks to its ability to work in the harshest conditions. It can withstand temperatures as low as -10-degrees Celsius, allowing you to work throughout the year, be it winter or summer. 

From the explanation above, this is the best option in case you live in an icy region. You do not want your operations to stop because your tool cannot power up due to battery issues. The Ryobi P107 is an ideal choice as a spare or replacement battery.

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It offers fade-free power. In case you are wondering what that means, here is the perfect answer for you: These batteries are designed to exude consistent power, meaning that they will work the same way as long as the power lasts. 

You will get the maximum performance at 100% charge and just before the battery power runs out. You can expect swift operation in your cordless tool with every charge. 


Just like any other Ryobi product in the market, this item comes with a warranty. A quick look at the Ryobi website reveals a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase. Therefore, we advise that you keep your original packaging and receipt as you may need it to claim your warranty in case of anything. 


This new battery is rated 18V. It is a 1.5Ah battery, and each full charge means about a 1.5-hour run-time on both big and smaller tools.

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Ryobi P107 Customer Reviews and Ratings 

Given that Ryobi is a trusted brand for power tools and related original accessories, this product has its fair share of reviews and customer feedback. A quick search on Amazon reveals both satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

However, a majority believe that this Ryobi battery pack is well-suited for its role and favorably performs. Some of the most rated aspects include battery life, value for money, and durability. Most customers who were dissatisfied with the product noted a short half-life, generally associated with a smaller capacity battery. However, they still agreed that these are powerful lithium batteries.

Also, given the warranty, one can always make a claim in case anything goes wrong. Some buyers also encourage that users have at least two of these batteries to charge up constantly. A happy buyer noted that this lithium battery comes with a push-button meter which makes work generally easier.

A fair number of users have also complained of the battery failing to charge fully after a while. They experienced only half charges even after leaving them powered for long. Luckily, this product has a fuel gauge, and therefore, you should always be in the know if such a thing happens to claim your warranty.

Ryobi P107 Pros 

Here are some of the positive things that we have established on this product:

  • High performance- These are lithium-ion batteries, and therefore, users enjoy improved performance. They supply uniform power from the start to the end. 
  • Lightweight- This product only weighs one pound and will not, therefore, add to the weight of your machine. You can enjoy extended usage in the tightest of spaces. 
  • Relatively affordable– You will not spend an arm and a leg to own one of these. You cannot miss a fair offer if you try several stores on Amazon. However, always be on the lookout for knockoffs. 
  • Compatible with a range of devices– You do not have to get lots of different batteries once you have this product as it is compatible with lots of Ryobi products. This will save you time and money.
  •  Works as advertised– Users have noted that this product works as advertised, which is a pro. You will not complain of being misled after a while. 
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty– On regular occasions, a warranty shows just how much the customer trusts the product. This battery has a 3-month guarantee to cushion you against any damage or misfunction that may come your way. 

Ryobi P107 Cons 

Here are some of the drawbacks: 

  • It has a limited warranty period- Even though a three-year warranty seems enticing, it is pretty short especially considering that some products in its category have up to more than five years warranties. 
  • Charge capacity compromised after a while– There have been complaints that these batteries only charge up to half full after a while, which can be highly inconveniencing. You will always notice the charge indicator showing minimal charge when you press the button. 
  • Short life span– Several people have noted that these batteries die after a short while, mostly six months or thereabout. Even though there is a warranty, the problem comes when the seller was not an authorized Ryobi dealer. 
  • Issues with the warranty– Users have complained that they were turned down when claiming the batteries’ guarantee because they either bought their products online or from general stores. This means that Ryobi only honors the warranty if the item is from a particular authorized store. As a reminder, make sure you keep your receipt and retail packaging just in case a dispute occurs.

In light of these cons, we would advise that you try as much as possible and ensure that you get this product from an authorized Ryobi dealer, be it online or from a physical store. This will help prevent you from buying a fake product in non-retail packaging to avoid issues with the warranty. Be suspicious if your battery is delivered in a plastic bag, without protective wrapping, and in an unprinted box!

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Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a powerful, solid, and high-capacity battery pack, then you have come to the right place. The Ryobi P107 offers up to 1.5 hours of fade-free power even at the end of extreme temperatures, which is handy when you’ve got work to do in the middle of nowhere. One battery is all you need to power over 50 Ryobi power tools allowing you to work efficiently without a hitch.

Ryobi has been at the forefront of lithium-ion battery development in recent years, and they certainly don’t disappoint with the P107 18-volt battery. A large number of reviewers from all walks of life have bought this battery and recommend it – and we can’t blame them either!

Just ensure you use the suitable dual chemistry charger, so you don’t damage the battery. So often, customers unwittingly cut short their battery life by not following the care instructions or using a charger that promotes battery degradation. Two of the most popular Ryobi chargers are their P117 and P118 models, and we wrote a comparison article highlighting their differences. 

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