WEN 6552 Planer Review - Exactly How Good is it?

WEN 6552

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WEN 6552T Wood Planer Review

WEN has, over the years, shown consistency in its creations, winning the hearts of many. The WEN 6552 is an improvement on the WEN 6550 thickness planer, which is still one of the best options for upgraders. 

The WEN 6552T planer boasts of advanced features that have stolen the hearts of many DIYers and woodworkers alike. It is mainly suited for those whose woodworking projects call for a more advanced power tool

Target Market 

The WEN 6552T benchtop planer is mainly suited for intermediaries. It works great for those who have started mastering woodworking art and would like to upgrade from a basic thickness planer. However, it cannot handle relatively massive projects and can be inconvenient to advanced users. 

This sturdy planer may look similar to the 6550, but it offers more power and speed. It has three cutting blades, which provide a more potent punch for a smoother finish and a higher precision to plane boards.

  • Remarkable board capacity- Every planer has a maximum capacity of boards it can accommodate. The WEN planer can take a wood piece up to 13 inches wide and 6 inches thick, allowing you to work on different projects effectively.  
  • Proper dust ejection mechanism –You don’t want to mess up your workshop while working on your projects. This planer comes with several features, including a fan-assisted dust port that blows sawdust away from your workpiece.
  • Three blades- This power planer has three cutting edges, which offers a better cutting speed and smoother finish, as seen from the results. 
  • It is stable – It has a string-cut iron base, making it a highly durable and portable planer for optimal usage. 
  • Adjustability- Users enjoy an easily adjustable thickness and height-adjustable infeed and outfeed tray.  
  • Portability- This product is highly portable thanks to its compact design, foldable trays, and excellent handles.  
  • Affordability – The WEN 6552 is more affordable than a benchtop planer in the same category, including the DEWALT 735X. Users enjoy similar features at a relatively lower price. 
  • Noise- The planer blades are noisy even with the anti-vibration features. You may have to wear earmuffs if you hate loud noises.  
  • Plastic parts-Even though this is not a con per se, it is still one of the biggest concerns that different users have. Plastic is not as withstanding as metals and alloys. Therefore, the plastic parts can be damaged easily.  
  • Weight- This product is not as light as you would expect. It weighs 66 pounds. 

WEN 6552T Specifications

Brand: WEN

Model: WEN 6552T

Number of Blades: 3

Style: Standard Cutter head

Motor Power: Powerful 15 amp motor

Cuts Per Minute: 25,500

Feed Rate: 26 feet per minute

Maximum Board Width: 13 inch

Maximum Board Thickness: 6 inch

Maximum Cutting Depth: 3/32 inch

Measurement System: Metric

Dust Port: Yes

Warranty: 2 years

Weight: 66 pounds

WEN 6552T Wood Planer Features

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This planer is made of cast iron and steel, making it sturdy and well suited for its functions. It is pretty compact and can fit the average benchtop, and has predrilled base holes. Its perfect design and size make it a must-have tool for DIYers who can stock it in their home workshops. 

Even with the cast iron and steel construction, you will still notice a few plastic parts, which most people take to indicate light-duty usage. This is not true, given that there are undoubtedly heavy-duty tools made of plastic. 

This product also has a cast-iron base, which contributes to its structural integrity. This is responsible for its stability, ensuring that the planer stays firm during usage. The base’s foot also has holes that you can use to fasten it to the working bench or table. 

This construction offers the WEN 6552 a rugged feel and look, giving you the best thickness planer. Replacement blades are easily purchased from any WEN dealer.

WEN 6552


Portability is an important factor that must be considered when shopping for tools. Well, this planer weighs 66 pounds, which is not light by all means. However, this weight is essential for stability, which is a critical feature for planers. 

You will notice that this planer has several features that make it portable if you disregard the weight. Most people consider it a portable thickness planner thanks to the carrying handles at the side and the foldable in-feed and outfeed table. 

You can easily fold up this planner into one compact unit for transportation or storage. 


The WEN 6552 has a powerful 15a motor, which can make old wood look like new lumber. It can achieve a high speed of 8500 RPM. The powerful engine is also accompanied by a three-knife design, giving you a fast, strong, and smooth output. 

We have noticed that users love this tool since they do not have to sand the wood after, which can be attributed to the powerful motor and the blade design. This tool is set to achieve 25.500 cuts per minute, way higher than the WEN 6550T. 

The blades come with a double cutting edge so that you can flip the blade over when one side loses its bite. You won’t, therefore, need to buy new blades anytime soon. We have discussed these features that allow the WEN 6552 to give a smoother finish than the 6550. 

It has a feed rate of 26 feet per minute, making it suitable for all your woodworking needs. 

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Work Precision 

The WEN thickness planer is packed with features responsible for greater cut precision. It comes with a handy depth adjustment knob handle at the top for adjusting the planning thickness. This crank handle, used together with the gauge, can achieve a shave ranging from 0 to 3/32. 

Users also enjoy adjustable infeed and outfeed tables strategically built to support wood and prevent sniping. 

Dust Management 

You do not want a messy experience while planning. The WEN 6552 takes care of this through their handy dust port located behind the planer. It allows you to connect a dust hose and collector to discard the sawdust enabling you to maintain high cleanliness levels in your workshop. 

The planer is also made such that the fan blows the sawdust from the board before pulling it into the dust hose as you work. From here, it is delivered to the dust collector, allowing you to enjoy dustless planing. The dust chute can be easily connected to the tool by fastening with screws. 


Ensure that you always check whether a product has a warranty and for how long it is covered. The WEN 6552 comes with a 2-year warranty, which transfers liability to the manufacturer in any malfunction within the two years.



The WEN 6552 wood planer is an excellent choice for a hobbyist and DIYer and any woodworker looking to use it occasionally. Its price point is spot on for the number of features (lots of similar brands are way more expensive). Overall, we highly recommend the WEN 6552 should you be looking to add a wood planer to your workshop.

Walter Snyder