Safety Wire 101: Uses and Types and Top Picks

Safety wire come in various types, but their use is standard: to secure mechanisms and equipment. Read our top picks of the best safety wire.

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Aircraft Tool Supply Safety Lock Wire (.032)

Safety wire is a metal cable with loops at each end. It’s used to tie down bolts on machinery, aircraft, and more. Safety wires are made from a durable material that will not break or give way when tension is applied to them, making them easy to use and reliable.

You can find safety cable in any industry where there is a need to prevent a bolt from becoming loose under heavy vibration. In particular, it is used in aircraft maintenance and even the space program! Let’s take a closer look at how this simple tool can make life easier in all of these areas.

Uses of Safety Wire

Safety wire is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep machinery and components secure. This includes bolt heads, self locking nuts, fasteners, and all other metal parts of machinery. This helps prevent accidents and injuries and saves companies the time they would otherwise spend finding and securing loose bolts or repairing equipment.

Safety wiring is not meant to replace bolts and fasteners installation. Always make sure that they are correctly tightened before installing safety cables with a torque wrench or other tool first.

Most manufacturers work very hard to ensure that their products are safe and reliable. One of the critical aspects in ensuring safety is securing all components that can work loose, such as those found on a motor or onboard aircraft. Safety wires should be tight but not too tight, with about 6-8 twists per inch for optimal security against breakage under pressure from vibrations like when an engine starts up – which can happen at any time!

Safety wire is a single-use, disposable item that you must replace after each use.

Comparison of our favorite safety wire products

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Best Safety Wire | 5 Reviews

1. Aircraft Tool Supply (.032) – Best Overall

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Lots of wire for your money
  • Check it is 0.032 diameter before use

2. Wire and Cable Specialties .032″ Safety Lockwire – Best Value

  • 362 ft package quantity
  • Ideal for motorbikes, cars, and trucks
  • Strong
  • Packaging is insufficient, leading to ‘birds nest.’

3. NACHEE Safety Lock Wire (.032)

  • Great value
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant
  • Less wire compared to other brands
  • Poor packaging

4. Pit Posse PP2766 Stainless Steel Twist Safety Lock Grip Wire

  • Excellent value
  • Ideal for motorsports
  • Lacks detail of what kind of stainless steel it is
  • Packaging is not as good as others

5. Malin – MS20995C Stainless Steel Safety Wire

  • Solid and durable wire
  • Flexible
  • The dispenser can cause a ‘birds nest.’
  • Check wire gauge


Safety wire is a necessity for any job where the risk of vibration loosening hardware exists. If you’re looking to find the best safety wire, we suggest one that meets NASM 20995C and ASTM A580 specifications with its 304 stainless steel. While your chosen product must be strong enough to do the job, it should also have the flexibility to work well on different fasteners while being subject to vibrations.

Our Best Overall pick is the Aircraft Tool Supply Safety Lock Wire is a stainless steel wire that meets some of the most demanding specifications in aviation. This aircraft tool supply safety wire satisfies NASM/MS20995C and ASTM A580 specifications, ensuring you won’t have any concerns securing your bolts and components with this safety lock wire. It’s no doubt that what they’re offering has been backed by professionals who know their business.

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